Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Episode 05: Rinkydink and The Boy

Our special guest this week is Dave Wallace, broadcaster and musical artist. You can hear a sample of his music here. You will learn a lot of insider tricks of broadcasting this episode. Listen if you want a business model relating to April Fools.


  1. You know, If you and your brother (no matter who of you are reading this comment) will come to Norway on april 1st next year I will reveal for you the mother of all april fool pranks. Then I will buy both of you a beer. Sounds good? :)


  2. Good gracious, that's tempting.

  3. The mother of all april fool pranks would be to make some guys travelling around the world just because they expect a special sort of prank.

    I like the new concept of the show. You should have more special guests in the upcoming episodes. Even if they are only musicians who want to promote their actual songs ;)

    Tom, you are right, when radio is just a means for selling adverts, swap the medium.
    Fortunately, nobody is dependant on the radio or tv anymore to reach thousands of people.

    And yes, we all like Jeff Buckley, no need no copy him.

    Happy easter to all of you.

  4. Where's the love for John motherfucking Cale goddammit?!

  5. O.K., the version from John "motherfucking" Cale is not bad either, as is the version from Rufus Wainwright and all three are much better than the original from Leonard Cohen.
    So I alter my statement to: no need to cover that song yet again.

  6. Tom you coulda let danny ramble on about DS for advertising :)

    lols@ library story!!! i think i heard about it in twitter or something. did anyone say like hey whats wrong with you for yelling at the door?? btw do more cardio in the gym for agility.

    free new library add idea: "fuck books"

    Dave taking a few low-blows. and a covers band is also a band. you dont need to be original to be good at something.maybe.yea that sounds posible.

    anyway. gtg i'll try to listen to the 2nd half later!!!

  7. I'm all about the cardio. I think I need to kill a few monsters while jumping to secure myself a better level in agility. Le sigh, and to think we try to make this as nerd-free as possible.

  8. LOL, nerd-free?
    What kind of people do you think are commenting here?

  9. If it rhymes there is an inherent truth to it!



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